Why We Built Leapchat — Customer Service via Facebook Messenger

Customers hate waiting on hold
71% of customers cite waiting on hold as their #1 customer service complaint

Sometimes having a Bad Experience is a Great Experience.

User Experience on Web Chat on Mobile Devices is Poor

  • Incoming calls take precedence over chat and an unresponsive chat will be terminated
  • There is no way for users to retain chat history other than receiving it via email
  • Users have to wait for an agent to become available or they are redirected to email
  • Follow up queries have to be dealt with via a second channel like email or phone
  • The user interface of most web chat services on mobile devices is clunky at best (check out these examples from Amazon’s Audible mobile website)
Web chat UI on an Amazon mobile site
Web chat UI on an Amazon mobile site
Poor web chat UI
Customer has to zoom in to press send

The Wrong Way is sometimes the Right Way

  • Great mobile experience
  • Chat history always available to both parties and it is possible to reconnect for follow ups
  • Easily send images of products and links to tutorials
  • Send segmented group notifications (e.g. your broadband will be down due to maintenance)
  • Address complaints via private one-to-one messages, rather than via social media
  • Huge potential to increase self serve options through links and bots




Founder of http://www.localmint.com - Think big, Start small

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Ranga Vadhineni

Ranga Vadhineni

Founder of http://www.localmint.com - Think big, Start small

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