Thunder Client — lightweight alternative to Postman

Extension Design Goals

  • Lightweight API Client
  • Simple, Clean & Easy to use UI
  • Handle Large Responses & View in Full Screen
  • Support VS Code Themes
  • Collections & Environment Variables
  • Scriptless Testing


Thunder Client Extension


Scriptless Testing

  • (Update) Set Environment Variable from the api response in Tests tab is possible now, please see github page for details.
Thunder Client Testing
// status code test
pm.test("Status code is 200", function () {;});// property check
pm.test("Property message contains Thunder Client", function () {
var jsonData = pm.response.json(); pm.expect(jsonData.message).to.contains("Thunder Client");});// response content-type check
pm.test("Content-Type contains application/json", function () {"Content-Type", "application/json");});

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Founder of - Think big, Start small

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Ranga Vadhineni

Ranga Vadhineni

Founder of - Think big, Start small

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