Saving Money or Spending More?

Ranga Vadhineni
1 min readApr 21, 2017

Many of us postpone the important shopping tasks that meet our daily needs for that “Big Weekend”. We all wanted to get out of that daily routine on a weekend, get some fresh air, an exciting lunch, dinner (or sometimes both), walk around the big shopping malls while kids get their favorite treats, browse new offers in stores, get great discounts for the bulk purchases, in the end, handful of shopping bags, Car boot full of items and finally to sum it up a great shopping experience the so-called “Big Weekend” . But today we decided to demystify that “Big Weekend” with 5 questions, a reality check for all you local mint visitors.

1. If you shop all at once, then are you missing the fresh produce?
2. If you add up all that extra money you spend on a weekend apart from “shopping”, how much does it cost?
3. Have you been checking your local store deals? that are sometimes better than that weekend offer advertised on T.V and Newspaper in a far away from shopping mall.
4. Are you really enjoying your weekend? which is supposed to be relaxing but not exhausting.
5. Finally, are you saving money or spending more?

Thanks for reading and we will be back with another useful post soon!